We are a part of the Scripps Research Translational Institute and the Department of Integrative Structural and Computational biology at Scripps Research.

We are interested in the design of probabilistic machine learning methods and statistical models that incorporate known biochemical principles to facilitate decision-making from limited data and to allow for asking smarter questions. We have a major focus on quantitative analysis of regulatory variation in the human genome from large scale functional genomics data and its application to rare diseases and precision medicine.

Pejman Mohammadi
Nava Ehsan
Postdoctorate Researcher
Marcela Mendoza
Postdoctorate Researcher
Dan Munro
Postdoctorate Researcher
Bence Kotis
Research Engineer
Cathy Klasen
Executive Assistant
Yuren Dong
Shiyi Wang
Phd Student
Adam May
Eric Song


Christina Sousa
Adjunct Research Assistant
Angela Hoang
Anant Gandhi

We're excited to hear from you...

If you are interested in working with us send your resume to pejman AT scripps DOT edu. We hire at all levels from interns to postdocs. Also, we are a part of the doctoral program at Scripps. If you are interested in doing your graduate work in our group feel free to reach out before applying to the program.