Pejman Mohammadi
PI, Associate professor

Pejman is a computational biologist with a background primarily in statistical machine learning and Bayesian data modeling. His current research interests span over practical and theoretical issues that arise in genomics and personalized medicine, focusing on quantitative analysis of regulatory variation in the genome and its application to rare diseases.

Pejman joined Scripps Research as a tenure track Assistant Professor in 2018 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2021. He holds a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from ETH Zurich and carried out postdoctoral work at the NY Genome Center and Columbia University from 2015 to 2017.

Nava Ehsan

Nava joined the lab in 2019 as a postdoctoral research associate. She is working on statistical methods for quantifying the effect of genetic variants on gene regulation. She is interested in challenging problems that improve human health. She received both her PhD and MSc in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran.

Daniel Munro

Daniel joined the lab in 2020 and has a joint position in the Palmer Lab at UC San Diego. He is developing methods to characterize expression variation and to identify regulatory variation in outbred rats with applications in psychiatry. He did his PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biology at Princeton University with Mona Singh. Personal website

Robert Vogel

Robert joined the lab as a postdoc in 2021. He is interested in applying his modeling experience to uncover biological insights from genomic and transcriptomic data.

Cathy Klasen
Executive Assistant
Shiyi Wang
PhD Student

Shiyi joined the lab in 2020 and is a member of Torbett Lab at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is a graduate student in the Molecular Medicine and Mechanisms of Disease (M3D) Ph.D. Program. Her thesis project focuses on sequencing and analyzing HIV RNA present in virions and studying the development of drug resistance mutations in HIV from HIV-infected patient sera isolates.

Kaushik Ram Ganapathy
PhD Student

Kaushik is an incoming first-year PhD student at Scripps Research. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science from UC San Diego. In the past, Kaushik has been involved in research efforts rationalizing mutations in base-editing proteins with Prof. Francesco Paesani and developing agent-based models to help model COVID-19 spread in school environments with Dr. Ilya Zaslavsky. Google Scholar | LinkedIn

Sarah Silverstein
MD-PhD Student

Sarah is a fourth-year medical student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and current PhD student with the Rutgers-NIH graduate partnership program. She joined the lab of Carsten G Bönnemann MD at the NNDCS/NIH and David Adams MD PhD at the Undiagnosed Diseased Program/NIH in 2020. Her thesis project focuses on using whole transcriptomic sequencing to improve molecular diagnosis in genome and exome negative rare disease patients. Upon graduation, she plans on pursuing clinical training in pediatric neurology with a focus in neurogenetics.

Eric Song

Eric joined the lab in 2020 through the Scripps Summer Research Internship program. He is implementing the lab’s ANEVA-h package in R for allelic expression analysis. He currently is an undergraduate student at UC San Diego studying Data Science.


Marcela Mendoza


Bence Kotis
Research Engineer

Now: Red Hat

Yuren Dong

Now: Columbia University MS in Data Science Program

Adam May

Now: Johns Hopkins MD-PhD Program

Christina Sousa
Adjunct Research Assistant

Angela Hoang
Anant Gandhi

Charlene Miciano (UCSD)